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When I was a kid it was enough to stick those glow-in-the-dark stars and planets on the ceiling. At first, I tried to do a scale model of the universe but realized there was no scale that would make any sense in my bedroom. I got a bit older and turned the ceiling into a Van Gogh Starry Night-inspired trip-o-sphere. A month later, it became clear that the Starry Night was even dorkier than the scale model of the universe, and that I would never be able to convince a girl to come over and listen to my Pink Floyd albums, anyhow.


Puberty would have been different if I'd had the Celestron SkyScout. This gadget is about the size of a video camera and becomes your own personal planetarium. Just go outside into the freezing night and point the SkyScout to the sky at a specific star or object, and you'll get commentary on that particular object. Up to 6,000 objects are pre-programmed into the SkyScout, so expect to be entertained for hours.

One day, it might even play Pink Floyd.

The SkyScout won a Best of Innovations honor from the Consumer Electronics Association.


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