Chill Beer Glasses on Hot Days the Lazy Way

Illustration for article titled Chill Beer Glasses on Hot Days the Lazy Way

For some crazy reason, Miele's Futura Diamond dishwasher will only be chilling Europeans' beer glasses this summer. Blame your plumbing, Yanks. But for the Europeans reading this, the special rinse and hold cycle should get those pint glasses positively frosty.


Don't cry too many hot, salty tears of envy though Americans—the Futura Diamond minus-beer-chilling-feature will be sold in the US, though I'm not sure you'll be wanting it now I've put images of Belgians sipping on a cold Stella Artois brewski into your head. [Unplggd via OhGizmo]



A) Stella is french b) Stella is a piss poor excuse for a lager