Chris Pratt Helps SNL Unveil Marvel's Next Superhero Blockbusters

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What kind of superhero movies will Marvel be releasing over the next few years? You could believe the studio's official announcement – or, you could believe Chris Pratt and the cast of Saturday Night Live.

If you side with Pratt and SNL (which, last night, kicked off its 40th season), Marvel will be cashing in on the unexpected success of Guardians of the Galaxy with even bolder movie-making decisions – and a lot more Blue Swede (be sure to check the comments if you're outside the U.S.):


It's a little uncanny how well the hallway-introduction/Blue Swede combination works. It's hilarious ("Marvel's Pam" had me in tears), and, even as a joke, surprisingly charming.

I'm beginning to wonder if the band is like some kind of movie trailer cheat code, in the sense that adding "Hooked on a Feeling" to a movie's preview automatically increases one's desire to watch it. Just look what it did for Star Wars.