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Clippy Adds Copy and Paste to Jailbroken iPhones

Illustration for article titled Clippy Adds Copy and Paste to Jailbroken iPhones

It's not App Store approved, but for those in the audience who've jailbroken their iPhones, the Clippy add-on offers some reasonable functionality to copy and paste across apps.


Clippy works by adding copy and paste buttons to the iPhone's keyboard which can be activated on any editable text (emails and SMS). To begin copying, you click "copy." Then you highlight the text. Then you click "copy" again.

Alright, copying is done.

To paste, you just click "paste."

The solution is obviously not super quick, but it's a lot better than using a piece of paper to write down an address before entering it incorrectly into Google Maps. [Clippy via TUAW]

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Clippy, after being sidelined by microsoft, and tired of doing nothing quietly invades the iPhone and begins to wreak all kinds of wirey discord.

"I see you're trying to copy that address, let me help you."