Cocaine Found in NASA Shuttle Work Area

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It looks like it takes more than passion and drive to stay up all hours of the night working on the space shuttle. NASA has discovered a bag with cocaine residue in the Discovery hanger in Cape Canaveral.

The bag was discovered Tuesday when a shuttle worker spotted it outside a bathroom and reported it to NASA security, Beutel said. An on-site test of the bag indicated that the white powder inside was cocaine, and subsequent follow-up tests confirmed the finding, he said.

Discovery's maintenance hangar is a restricted zone, requiring special access badges for any workers, Beutel said. About 200 NASA employees and contractors have access to the area, and drug tests for all of them have been under way since Wednesday.

"There are no obvious indications of anyone acting oddly or under the influence," Beutel said.


Sure, it's a hard drug, but you've gotta let those astronauts cut loose sometimes! Quit harshing their buzz, NASA. [MSNBC]


I really don't understand how you all can joke so easily about this find. I cannot believe that just 2-3 of 50-60 comments take this seriously.

We've already lost two shuttles and their crews; that's two too many....

Someone was using coke ON THE JOB while working on the most complicated machine ever built. One stupid, drug-addled mistake could take out a shuttle, it's crew, and anyone working on it on the launchpad during fueling.

Shame on you all — really....