Come to Japan, Get Killed by Robots and Aliens

I'm need a vacation. I was thinking Pavones beach, Costa Rica, or maybe some sailing in Hunnebo, Sweden. But no, the Japanese have convinced me with these videos: It's going to be Hakodate, Japan.

This hilarious and absolutely outrageous advertising campaign did it. Where else can I get killed by giant alien robotic squids? "According to a survey of 100 aliens, Hakodate is the number one city they would most like to invade," the video says. "OH YES!" I say.


The battle then continues in two more videos:


Apparently, there's also a giant cannon hidden in fake mountains in Hakodate. Oh people, I'll be there like shareware. [Pink Tentacle]

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Any attempt to one-up the Mooninites will result in an act of vandalism on something or someone you love

YEAH we're gonna paint your house purple and rape your dog! I'm so wasted!