Women may be able to have babies later in life thanks to ovary transplants. A handful of women worldwide have undergone the experimental procedure and had babies after menopause. Did science just reset how we think about the female body clock?

The idea is that women could have ovary tissue removed and frozen while they're still fertile, and then have the tissue grafted back on later in life. That sounds crazy, but as the Daily Telegraph reports, 28 women worldwide have undergone the procedure and had babies after their ovaries stop working. Besides allowing women to have babies much later in life, the procedure could offset other effects of menopause like the increased risk of osteoporosis, heart disease, and cancer.


Obviously, the procedure is far from reaching any kind of mainstream adoption, and it's controversial for all of its potential life and health benefits. Good or bad, though, what's clear is that a procedure like this would only benefit the very few people who could afford it. [Daily Telegraph]

Image via naumoid/Thinkstock

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