Curtis Stone Workbench Cutting Board: Multifunctional, Yet Somehow Impractical

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When you cook, there's a lot of finagling that goes on. Chop this, pitch that. Saute this, trash that. It can turn into an hours-long process. With the Workbench Cutting Board, Curtis Stone created what should be a time-saver. But strangely enough, it's not all that usable.


What Is It?

A cutting board married with several kitchen utensils.

Who's it For?

People who cook and have giant apartments to store tons of crap.


Made out of Victorian Ash, it's a good looking hunk of wood, containing three cup-sized wells to scrape your veggies into as you work. There's also a giant drawer where you can throw skins, stems, and other things you'll want to trash later.

Using It

At 22-by-14 inches, It literally took up my entire counter. It's also pretty tall, so if you have high counters, it's hard to get a good angle on say, mincing an onion. It's so large that its size is actually a deterrent from using it.

The Best Part

Despite some flaws, the inclusion of the cups and the trash bin make it convenient if you're preparing something with a lot of steps. I made this Moroccan tomato soup which required me to dice up about six tomatoes.


Tragic Flaw

It's heavy. So heavy that it's really hard to store. It comes apart into several pieces, not unlike a shoe box—there's the top part, which is the actual cutting board and the bottom well which houses the measuring cups and dumpster. There's a ton of unused space in the bottom, and it's so big that it makes it awkward to put back together and awkward to clean.


This Is Weird...

The embedded measuring cups are a good idea in theory, but they're too small. There's really not enough room to house all the ingredients you need for one dish. And the irony is, it's a really big product, so its creators could conceivably have double the capacity. But they didn't.


Test Notes

I used a set of Wustof knives. It's also worth pointing out that my kitchen is really small.


Should You Buy It?

The idea behind this thing is really amazing, but it borders on something you can buy off a late-night infomercial because of its usability issues. Honestly, this is a product my grandmother would order off TV, and I'm pretty sure she has bought something similar before. And it has a $300 price tag. So unless you have a huge kitchen, counters sitting at a perfect height, and money to burn, no.


Curtis Stone Work Bench Cutting Board

• Wood: Victorian Ash
• Measuring cups: stainless steel
• Dimensions: 22 inches x 14 inches
• Weight: 13 pounds
• Price: $300
• Giz Rank: 3 stars



Sebastian Pelan

I'm quite sure it'll be impossible to buy in Europe, and being so large and heavy, shipping would be most likely prohibitive.

That said, I love it! It would easily solve a lot of my problems. See, I love to cook. And I'm actually great at cooking as well, so good that I'm seriously thinking about opening a restaurant. But anyway, my main problem is me height: I'm 6'6", so the added counter height would help me stay straight(ish) and mitigate my back pain.

Seriously, I'm in love. I might build a clone myself! :)