Cute Animation Imagines What Happens to the Sheep You Didn't Count Because You Fell Asleep

When you’re counting sheep jumping over a fence to help you fall asleep, you’re inevitably going to leave some behind. You can’t count them all! You need to sleep! But those poor imaginary leftover sheep never get to clear the fence and be free. What will happen to them? Katelyn Hagen shows the plight of the sheep never counted in this short animation, which imagines what lengths they might go to jump the line.


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Ah, the cutthroat world of sheep counting.

#100 screws himself and #1 out of doing their job, and the backwards counter now isn’t going to get any sleep.

Lets not even mention the existential crisis this outcome engenders. Specifically, is #100 only defined by the number on his wool? Is he that surface level of a sheep? What kind of world is this that they live in that simply cutting one’s wool completely changes the essence of the sheep?

Would the headboard of the bed reject him if he tried to jump over with the wrong number on him?

This is so disturbing.

Not half as disturbing as my empty glass, though. Time for a refill!