CW's Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Teaser Trailer Shows New Heroes and New Villains

CW’s Legend of Tomorrow Season 6 Teaser
CW’s Legend of Tomorrow Season 6 Teaser
Image: The CW

Admit it. You didn’t think CW’s Suicide Squad—I’m sorry CW’s Legends of Tomorrow was going to get past the first season. It’s ok to be wrong, though. Not only is the show on its sixth season, but it’s back and better than ever!


The CW released the first “trailer” for season six and while it’s only 29 seconds of footage, there is a good sense of what viewers can expect this season. Season five ended on a massive cliffhanger with team leader Black Canary Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) kidnapped by aliens and on a spaceship to anywhere. In the teaser, the team is scrambling to find her and come up with a rescue plan. Unfortunately, their plan is sidelined when they discover these extraterrestrials have a thing for time travel. Thus, leaving the team fighting their way through history to find her.

The Legends team is constantly changing its roster, and with the new season, there is a new team member. Esperanza “Spooner” Cruz (Lisseth Chavez, Chicago Fire), who was once held captive by the same aliens who gave her powers, will help the team find Sarah and stop the enemy from wreaking havoc on humanity, space, and time. The character is original and has no origins in the DC comics universe.

Dealing with supernatural threats, multiverses, Aliens, and time travel, the Legends of Tomorrow have been through the wringer. This season looks like a fun, action-packed adventure that will continue this favorite fan show’s legacy. New episodes arrive May 2.

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Cat Tarsus Sinus

To be fair, Legends series one was absolutely awful. It found its stride pretty quickly after that and really embraced the goofy side of comics, yet was still able to be serious. It manages that way better than the Flash and is consistently my favorite Arrowverse show, though I’m still exceptionally bitter about Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford being forced out. It will be nice to see the Waverider’s crew screwing things up for the better again, as well as the most stable couple on the CW (although Superman and Lois may be taking the crown from Sara and Ava).