D.J. Caruso Is Filming James Frey's Sexy High School Alien Novel

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Piss off, Twilight — the new teenagers in hiding are aliens. Gawker intern/novelist James Frey's series I Am Number Four is being turned into a movie by D.J. Caruso and Michael Bay. Huzzah, something new to spray ab muscles onto.

The not-yet-released six-book series is being published by HarperCollins Children's Books and will have the first book out this fall. The story is reportedly about:

A group of nine aliens who escaped their home planet just before it was annihilated by a rival species. Hiding out on Earth, the title character disguises himself as a human high schooler, only to discover he is being hunted still by his planet's enemy


And did we mentionSmallville creators Al Gough and Miles Millar wrote the screenplay? While we have no idea whether this will be any good or not, with Bay at the producer's wheel and these particular scribes, for now, we're assuming it's like sexy exploding Roswell, with sexy techie angles thanks to newly hired director D.J. Caruso.

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