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You can get refrigerators with TVs in them these days, so perhaps Dada's new Code M mp3-playing basketball shoes—the first in their Wireless Footwear System—aren't too ridiculous. They can broadcast your music to your wireless headphones if you want to keep your music to yourself, or play your music over the built-in speakers in the shoes if you want others to hear them.


Dada's site doesn't say how good the shoe sound will be (presumably stereo) or how large the memory will be (only that the shoe will store up to 100 songs), and there's no indication of release date, but the SRP is $199.99. We emailed in to ask about getting a test unit for review, we'll let you know if Code M is for real or vaporware.

Kickin' it with Dada MP3 shoes [MobileMag]


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