David Pogue Won't Stop Yelling at This Yahoo Keynote

Here we are at the Yahoo CES keynote—hosted by Marissa Mayer—and David Pogue has taken the stage to show off Yahoo's new tech vertical. Mostly he is VERY ENTHUSIASTIC and YELLING a WHOLE LOT.

He's making bad jokes at Gizmodo's expense (he called us Gizmoody), even though we helped him find his iPhone that one time. He's yelling regularly. Why are you talking so loudly, David? Do you know you are wearing a microphone and can speak at regular volume? I imagine Marissa Mayer is paying your butt a whole lot of money for this. Chill out, guy! Anyway, he's up there, he's gesturing aggressively with his hands, and he's talking about what this site is going to look like.


And that is pretty much lots of photos with links to stories that expand when you click them. The site has no ads, and is infinite scroll. Pogue is still yelling. Pogue is introducing the people who will write for Yahoo Tech. Pogue is yelling some more. The site looks nice! They call it a site that is actually a magazine in that it will come out daily. Again with the yelling. Oh, and they plan to review Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects, too, because um, no one else wants to. Pogue just flipped the "switch" and the site is live as of right now. Go nuts! But please, Mr. Pogue, use your inside voice.


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