When you think "Amish" chances are your mind goes to somewhere closer to "straight-laced" than to "party animal." The fascinating 2002 documentary Devil's Playground shows that the two aren't mutual exclusive, and they can both apply to Amish teenagers.

The documentary centers around a period called "Rumspringa" which generally refers to adolescence, and is the time during which Amish kids have to make the decision of whether or not to stay with the church. The subjects of Devil's Playground use this period to go varying degrees of wild, from dressing "English" to extreme cases like getting involved with meth.


It's worth noting that the kind of extreme experimentation and craziness depicted in Devil's Playground isn't always the norm; different sects handle this decision period with varying levels of strictness. That aside, the documentary depicts some particularly crazy rides. Even apart from all the craziness, it's a fascinating watch and makes you think about how you might respond to having such a weighty choice placed on your shoulders. You can catch it over on Hulu. [Hulu]