Digging With a Sand-Eating Dinosaur Glove Is Better Than a Shovel

If there's one thing kids are inherently good at, it's digging. Be it looking for the prize inside a box of cereal, or unearthing worms and other treasures in a garden. And when you combine that with dinosaurs—another popular obsession for kids—you get this fun dino skull digger that kids can wear like a glove to chomp through sand, dirt, or whatever needs unearthing.

It's just $15, made from plastic so it will survive plenty of abuse, and is easy to clean with a blast from a hose. It could also be the perfect way to get picky eaters to actually finish their plate, because what kid wouldn't want to dine with a chomping dinosaur skull in hand instead of a fork? [Haba via The Toy Insider]


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