Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin has revealed he will write the season two episode that covers the Battle of the Blackwater, which is a huge land and sea battle. There's also some thought about what will happen if the show gets a third season - main writers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are reportedly considering splitting the massive third book into two seasons of ten episodes, with fans already speculating the seasons would be split in half around the Red Wedding. [Westeros]


True Blood

Here's a new video to get you ready for season four. [Zap2It]

The Walking Dead

Robert Kirkman relates this anecdote from the season two writer's room:

"We had a funny exchange the other day where one of the writers suggested something absolutely horrible for one of the characters. It was really gut-wrenching, and it was definitely something that was like the coolest moments of the comic where you just go 'Holy crap! This just happened!' And after he said it, everybody stopped and looked around the room. Glen Mazzara, who's running the room, said 'This is great. This is what's so good about being on this show. You know these discussions don't happen in any other writer's room on any other show. We can do anything to these characters, and it isn't too much. It fits. The parameters of the show are crazy.' And I think that's the kind of thing you have to keep in mind when you're doing a comic book too. So the short answer is yes. I do enjoy putting the characters through their paces, and the writers on the show are just now realizing how far they'll be able to go. They seem to be enjoying it too."




The murder of a major character the night before Chuck and Sarah's rehearsal dinner will find the cast pitted against the CIA, facing off against a character that executive producer Chris Fedak describes as an "agent who's tougher than Bentley, Beckman, and Shaw combined." [EW]


The Event

Here's a promo for episode 18, "Strain." [SpoilerTV]

Here's a description for episode 20, "One Will Live, One Will Die."

Sterling finds an unlikely ally in Simon; Jarvis authorizes an air strike against the Chief of Staff's wishes; Sophia draws an unwitting Leila into her plan; Sean and Vicky try to prevent many deaths.



Stargate Universe

Here are some photos for episode 18, "Epilogue." [SpoilerTV]

Additional reporting by Katharine Trendacosta and Charlie Jane Anders.