Earth Hour Wants All The Lights Off, But We Want Them On

Those tofu-loving nutjobs over at the WWF (no, not that one) are planning another Earth Hour on Saturday night, where the world shuts off all their lights and electronics from 8-9 pm. We're supposed to think about ways to live more sustainably and fight global warming. Sounds great, right? WRONG.

We here at Giz think it's a God-given right to have access to gadgets at all times. For the WWF to try and take that liberty from us is unacceptable and downright Un-American. That's why we're asking from 9-10 pm on Saturday night, you pull out every gadget you own, plug it into a socket, and turn it on. Gadget Deprivation is no laughing matter, kids. Please join the fight. [Earth Hour]


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