Earth Hour Wants All The Lights Off, But We Want Them On

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Those tofu-loving nutjobs over at the WWF (no, not that one) are planning another Earth Hour on Saturday night, where the world shuts off all their lights and electronics from 8-9 pm. We're supposed to think about ways to live more sustainably and fight global warming. Sounds great, right? WRONG.


We here at Giz think it's a God-given right to have access to gadgets at all times. For the WWF to try and take that liberty from us is unacceptable and downright Un-American. That's why we're asking from 9-10 pm on Saturday night, you pull out every gadget you own, plug it into a socket, and turn it on. Gadget Deprivation is no laughing matter, kids. Please join the fight. [Earth Hour]




Our point is directed to those who think Global Warming is not real. Nature does CARE whether we believe it is real or if we stick our heads in the sand and say it's not real, other species (those who can survive the change) will take our place...assuming humans can't survive the change.

However, NOT all changes are bad. Something (meteor?) made it so dinosaurs died out and smaller mammals evolved. It is not realistic to try to maintain a static environment..or even a balanced one. It is more useful to understand how to manage the change.

If we have a 100 billion people on the earth, does anyone seriously expect that things can stay the way they are today?