Eat From Bamboo Cutlery So Graceful, It Looks Like It Was Designed by an Aeronautical Engineer

Designer Makoto Koizumi might not be an aeronautical engineer, but the organic flowing curves of their bamboo Minotake cutlery set look makes it look like they started life as a revolutionary new propeller design.

Bamboo kitchen ware, including plates and cutlery, has become a recent trend because the material's both strong and lightweight. But Makoto manages to make this line of utensils more than just an eco-friendly alternative to plastic.


The pieces are downright gorgeous, with graceful curves that sometimes make it difficult to tell which is the business end. And there are four pieces in the collection altogether, including two spoons and two spatula designs, ranging in price from $13 to $18. It's definitely not your grandmother's fine silver, but we'll take these instead any day. [Baum-Kuchen via Tasteologie]

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