Electric Cigarette Explodes in a Man's Face

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A Florida man is in the hospital after the battery in his electric cigarette caught fire and exploded, knocking out all of his teeth and part of his tongue. We already knew that electric cigarettes weren't good for your health, but that's ridiculous.

On Monday Evening, 57-year-old Tom Holloway, was at home enjoying a nice smoke when his e-cig blew up in his face. The explosion scattered scolding debris in all directions, horribly burning Holloway's face and setting his study on fire. Holy crap.


Holloway started smoking electric cigarettes two years ago after experiencing lung problems from smoking too many ordinary cigarettes. While that doesn't really make sense, I certainly hope that Holloway's going to be alright, and that in trying to make his health better he didn't end up making his life worse. No word on exactly what type of e-cigarette Holloway was smoking or what exactly caused the battery to explode, but the matter is being investigated. [The Daily Mail]

Image via Constantinos/Shutterstock.com