As far as they go, Expenditure is a gorgeous way to track expenses on your iPhone, giving you big, pretty buttons to add new expenses, file them in appropriate categories, and see overviews of your recent activity.

I can't imagine many people diligently filing their every single transaction, but for say keeping track of how many lunches your buddy owes you or wrangling receipts on a business trip (with the helpful photo note feature), it's a solid option that's both simple and polished.




From the app developers: Expenditure combines a beautiful interface with an intuitive way to track your expenses. Effortlessly add a new transaction, attach a note or a photo and save it with just a few taps. You can even add a transaction in a different currency and let Expenditure convert it for you. Categories can help you keep track of your various expenses, and you can create as many as you wish. Visit our website to find out how Expenditure can make it fun to track your expenses.

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