Explosive Fireworks Horrifically Severed and Blew Off a Paraplegic's Leg

In a horrible July 4th accident, a paraplegic man's leg was blown off while he was trying to light fireworks while still in his wheelchair. The fiery explosion blew the man's leg 50 feet across the street where it smacked a neighbor's house. That is not fun.

The accident, which occurred at Hazel Park, Michigan, was due to a piece of firework that looked like "a long tube, like a quarter stick of dynamite". Which is to say, the fireworks being set off by the paraplegic were probably illegal. As Hazel Park Police Chief Martin Barner explains it:

"I believe he had been lighting fireworks on his lap then setting them down on the ground before they went off. He lit one device that then slipped between his legs and went off."


The man's leg was severed just under his knee and tossed across the street. Officers found his left foot with "several inches of leg bone still attached". It was an ugly scene, with blood, flesh and explosion dust everywhere, that serves as a doomsday reminder for patriotic folks everywhere: fireworks are awesome, illegal fireworks are very awesome but be very, very careful because blown up legs are so not awesome. [The Oakland Press]

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