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Open Channel: What Fanfic Made You Feel All Your Feelings?

I'm looking for that fanfic that makes you want to chew through a metal pipe, it's so good.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Vico Ortiz and Samson Kayo as Jim Jiminez and Oluwande in Our Flag Means Death.
Your honor, I love them
Photo: Aaron Epstein/HBO Max

One of the dangers of going viral when you’re a pop culture reporter is that occasionally, sometimes, every now and then, your editor will ask you to start an open channel based on a silly tweet you shot off at midnight after reading a fanfic so devastating that you read it twice in two days. This is especially true if it’s a slow news day, which today happens to be. So here it is, the tweet in question:

Now, before anyone asks, it was a fanfic for Our Flag Means Death. That’s about all I’m willing to reveal here, but a little bit of digging in the thread and you’ll be able to find it.


I’m going to link some gracious Twitter users who seemed willing and eager to inflict deep and long lasting emotional wounds on the public, with the caveat that there are a great many fics which are very, very smutty, and people are allowed to read whatever they want, so enjoy at your discretion.


So, loyal io9 readers, what’s the fic you’ve read recently that made you go fully feral? What’s out there that makes you want to cry, sob, and throw up in that order? Share your favorites, and remember... these authors are writing from a place of love and joy, because they’re celebrating something that they care very deeply about. If you don’t have anything nice to say about fanfiction... fuck all the way off.


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