Fans of the popular HTC Excalibur (T-Mobile Dash) should be excited to hear that the smartphone's anticipated successor, the HTC Cavalier, has been approved by the FCC. We already saw the thing get unboxed months ago, but for those of you with short memories, the Cavalier has 3G connectivity—a make-or-break feature for most people looking at smartphones these days—Windows Mobile 6, a 400MHz processor, and a 2-megapixel camera.


Now all the Cavalier needs is a US carrier and we'll finally be able to get our eager hands on it. With the presence of GSM support, we wouldn't be surprised to see T-Mobile pick it up. Given AT&T's lackluster handling of the iPhone release, we're hoping their hands are too tightly tied to grab hold of the Cavalier. [FCC]