Despite what Big Cereal would have you believe, loops, both froot and otherwise, are not a natural part of a growing bird’s diet. Nevertheless, one aspiring avian mascot was more than willing to follow his (figurative) nose to the fruity taste that shows, as the footage below demonstrates.

Like many fruit-eating birds, toucans are susceptible to iron storage disease, a slow-developing but frequently fatal condition. That means iron-enriched human foods like breakfast cereal are a definite no-no, but the few scant loops consumed by the bird above probably won’t do any lasting damage.


Still, if you personally feel the urge to feed a toucan cereal, you’d be better off reenacting a different commercial. Leprechauns, for instance, make a much hardier pet and can be reared on a (perfectly safe!) diet of tiny, stale marshmallows.

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