FIFA to Consider Goal Line Tech, But Not Offsides

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FIFA president Sepp Blatter has acknowledged that referee mistakes were made and that FIFA will "take on board again the discussion about technology." But he's not going far enough.


Like most American soccer fans, I'm not exactly passionate about the game. I really enjoy watching World Cup, even after the United States has been eliminated, but I haven't seen an MLS game since the very first year when the Kansas City Wizards (never "The Wiz") took the cup or whatever it is that one takes in America. Soccer is a great game to watch, but it's hard to let myself become too enraptured by sport where a fear of improving the game is presented as a fear of technology.

Blatter is saying that goal-line technology may be considered for future World Cups and I suppose that's a start. But miscalled goals aren't the only issue that technology could fix. Cameras and increased communication between the officials could help fix offsides calls without disrupting the precious flow of the game.


Nobody's saying FIFA needs tedious timeouts while refs hide under a blanket to watch an instant replay. But it's the most popular sport in the world. Would it kill them to point a few more eyeballs on the field? Put a radio in the refs' ears? It won't ruin the spirit of the game—it'll sanctify it.

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Goal Line Technology seems like a great idea. Other types of technology (like instant replays) just don't seem so great. One of the things about the beautiful game that makes it so beautiful is the human aspect of it, and the small chance of human error—without it, we wouldn't have things like the Hand Of God Goal (which won Argentina the cup). And while things like the Hand of God do take away from the 'fairness' (I know thats not a word, I'm just afraid to use integrity) of the game, they create excitement and drama, and make teams fight harder to come back from such mistakes. The disallowed goal for the US, while unfortunate (I almost cried) got so many people in the US who were previously oblivious to the game interested—it was a wonderful thing.

I think they should maybe add more officials, but thats its. Nothing more. Anything more would take away from the feeling of the game.