Firefighting ATV Concept: Twin Water Cannons, Gull Wing Doors

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Dubbed the Amatoya, this concept recon buggy would allow a two-person crew to zip around hotspots and fire fronts to collect intel faster, and more safely than the modified Toyota Landcruisers and light tankers that are typically used today.


Existing scout vehicles aren't engineered for wild fire burn overs, and have a limited water supply of around 130 gallons. By contrast, the Amatoya's remotely-operated water cannons would access the vehicle's 475 gallon water supply (and 105 gallon auxiliary water tank). It's also designed from the ground up to improve cabin temperatures and survivability:

State of the art clear aerogel laminated insulation in the windows and bodywork, a dedicated auxiliary water supply to operate a highly efficient, intelligent temperature controlled spray down system, military grade sacrificial thermo ceramic intumescent paints, and a mechanically injected large displacement diesel engine specifically engineered for the unique conditions experienced on the fire ground.


The Amatoya is designed by Liam Ferguson, and if built, could not only help save more lives, but would also just flat-out look cool. [PopSci via Yanko Design]

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Replace "fire" with "zombie" and you've got a real use for this thing.