First Trailer for the Next Suicide Squad Animated Film Pits the Team Against Vandal Savage

Image: Warner Bros. Animation
Image: Warner Bros. Animation

Vandal Savage’s assholery is twofold: One, he’s an evil despotic villain who has spent centuries coveting and reveling in power and control. Two, he’s really hard to kill. So naturally, only a team-up of some of DC’s deadliest criminals stand a chance at stopping him in the upcoming Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay.


The new trailer sees Amanda Waller (Vanessa Williams) form a new version of the team—including Deadshot (Christian Slater), Harley Quinn (Tara Strong), Copperhead (Gideon Emery), Bronze Tiger (Billy Brown), Killer Frost (Kristin Bauer van Straten), and Captain Boomerang (Liam McIntyre)—to hunt down Savage on a personal directive from the shady Argus operative. But this time, the Squad is going to find themselves facing a similar group of malcontents trying to stop them.

Yes, Savage basically has his own squad this time around, with his daughter—who, I must stress, is called Scandal Savage, which is fantastic—leading a team of rogues featuring everyone from Professor Pyg to Zoom himself. This would be hard enough if they didn’t then have to go and take out a quasi-immortal asshole on top of dealing with a villainous foil to themselves. Then again, that makes this pretty much the perfect mission for the Suicide Squad, doesn’t it?

Hell to Pay releases digitally on March 27, followed by a physical release shortly after on April 10.



Oh, good thing Captain Boomerang’s there. Don’t know how they’d succeed without him.