Flickr's New App Might Be Android's Instagram

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Flickr, who should have jumped on the Instagram filter train earlier, has finally put out an Android app and along with letting you scan photostreams, upload pictures, share photos to other social networks, you can also take filterized pictures. Woot!

The app looks like a better version of the iPhone app (it's Flickr on your phone but with the added dimension of using an in-app camera) but might be too little too late for Android users. I've been waiting for a Flickr app on Android for so long that I eventually made the move to Picasa, er Google Photos. I'd imagine some Android user have faced the same dilemma?


I hope not though, Flickr has always been the apple of my eye and I'd definitely like it to regain some traction. With a filtered camera option that automatically uploads to Flickr and gives you options for other social networks, maybe it can find new life. [Android Market]