For The Walking Dead, here's a burger made to taste like Human Flesh

The Walking Dead's fifth season is starting soon - and to "celebrate", Fox have teamed up with two London food creatives to craft a Burger that is meant to depict the taste of actual human flesh, without being made of human flesh. Ew!

The burgers, made by a collaboration between Fox (who broadcast TWD in the UK), Miss Cakehead and Chef James Tomlinson from Mess London, turned to actual statements and testimonials from infamous Cannibals - from Issei Sagawa to William Seabrook - to emulate the taste and texture. Here's a handy dandy infograph to let you know what eating people is meant to taste like:



The final burger - a mix of pork, veal, chicken livers and bone marrow - will be made available to absolutely crazy people East London residents for free on September 30th, when, as they are wont to do in London, a pop-up restaurant called the Terminus Tavern will appear at a secret location. If you want to try it, you'll have to check the #TerminusTavern hashtag on Twitter to find out where the Tavern will set up shop.

Anyone fancy a nibble? I think I'm going to go stare at a salad and try not to think about this for the rest of the day.

[The Metro]

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