Gizmodo's Happy Hour Party Was a Deadly Fun Night of Drinking

Five gallons of Faux Loko, a hundred car bomb jello shots, five pounds of vodka soaked gummi bears and a beef infused rye shot with a habanero wine chase. We threw a Happy Hour party, and everyone got legendary.

So legendary, in fact, that just about everyone who joined us last night feels like complete shit today. I think that means we can consider Gizmodo's first Happy Hour party a drunken success?


We had car bomb jello shots and boozy gummi bears sprinkled around the bar like innocent appetizers, which made people foolishly devour more than just one each. Bartender Brent Rose served up our latest cocktail concoction, the JMFB, leaving a fiery-meat char in our stomachs much like Joe Brown himself. And we put down so much Faux Loko that we'd forget about the JMFB shots we'd just had and shout at Brent for another round.

Truthfully, everything about the party is a blur. I know we sang happy birthday to Joe at one point, we all probably made fun of Wagner too much and I think when Jesus finally showed up the team showered him with hugs. There are of course some really incriminating photos I could share with ya'll, but I'll save those to shame people on Twitter for the next 3 months.

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Thanks to The Counting Room in Brooklyn for hosting us and everyone who came out. Once our heads stop pounding we'll seriously consider doing it again.


Video by Michael Hession
Legendary by @JONNYPARTYS
Photo by John "Cool Dog" Herman

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