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Android's spectacular information hub Google Now is about to get even more useful thanks to new support for third-party apps. According to the WSJ, you'll soon see cards in Google Now from Airbnb, Lyft, and "several dozen," other apps.


Google Now's predictive information is just splendid. Using your search history and information from your email to serve you weather forecasts, travel itineraries, directions, package shipping info, and more. The new update will serve up information of this kind from third-party apps as well. So you might get information about your upcoming Airbnb rental, your auctions on eBay, or notifications from Shazam about songs you've tagged.

We're looking forward to seeing the complete listing of apps that will play nice with Google Now. But basically, this is great news for people who like easy access to relevant information about their lives. If for whatever reason you're not into getting useful information without diving into your apps, don't worry, you'll have to give your them permission to send information to Google Now. But why would you choose darkness? [WSJ]

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