WWDC is on the horizon, and we're waiting with bated breath about what iOS 8 might bring. But in the meantime Google tweaked its logo ever so slightly, Apple bought Beats f'reals, we tried out the Surface Pro 3, pondered pink slime, and saw some new self driving cars. Check out all that and more below!

iOS 8 Wish List: What We Want (And What We'll Get)

Over the course of the last year, we've debated, accepted, and ultimately learned to enjoy iOS 7, but that doesn't mean we're not ready for another round of improvements. Here's what we're hoping to see when Apple shows off iOS 8 next week.

In Defense of Pink Slime

Back in 2012 many Americans were horrified to learn that their ground beef contained "pink slime." It's in our burgers! They're feeding it to our kids! The public outcry led many retailers to drop the beef additive from its products. But today, pink slime is slowly making its way back into our cheeseburgers and tacos. And that's a good thing. Or, at the very least, it's not a thing worth freaking out over.

Why Isn't the Guy Who Designed Beats Going to Work For Apple, Too?

When Apple bought Beats earlier this week, it also got two high-profile new employees. Dr. Dre is going to work for Apple. So is music mogul Jimmy Iovine. But there's one surprise: Robert Brunner, the industrial designer behind Beats, is not coming along for the ride. Maybe because he worked at Apple 25 years ago.

The Willis Tower's 103rd Floor Glass Skydeck Cracked Last Night

Acrophobes, stop reading now. The Skydeck at Willis Tower, which lets tourists stand on a glass ledge more than 1,500 feet above Chicago, cracked under the weight of visitors late last night. Believe it or not, it's not that big a deal. Here's why.

How the iCloud "Hack" Holds iOS Devices Hostage

If you're an Aussie with an iPhone, there's a chance you've been woken up in the middle of the night by a certain terrifying message.

Why Google's Self-Driving Car Will Fail

Gee whiz, a self-driving car! Who wouldn't want one of those? Well, if you look at what it's trying to achieve, it's not actually a great idea. Here's why.

Beats by Apple Makes Monster's Big Mistake Even Bigger

Apple's move to buy Beats for $3 billion is a big deal, and not just because it's the biggest acquisition in the company's history. But for Monster's Noel and Kevin Lee, the original brains behind Beats, all it means is extra salt in the wound.

Surface Pro 3 Review: The Greatest Laptop-Tablet Hybrid You Don't Need

Microsoft's Surface Pro has sized up, embracing its laptop side in an attempt to unseat the MacBook Air as your computer of choice. The Surface Pro 3 won't succeed, but it's a damn good effort.

WWDC 2014 Predictions: What's Next for iOS, OS X, and the Rest of Apple

WWDC kicks off Monday June 2nd, and as usual we're expecting exciting things from Apple's annual developer extravaganza. It's almost a given that we'll get a parade of updates to iOS and OS X, but what else do Tim Cook and Co have planned for the party? Here are our best bets.

Google Changed Its Logo This Weekend and You Didn't Even Notice

If you were browsing the internet at all this past weekend, there's a good chance you came across Google's ubiquitous logo at some point during your travels. What you didn't notice, however, is the fact that Google adjusted the letters in its logo ever so slightly—and it actually makes a pretty huge difference.

How to Yell at the FCC About How Much You Hate Its Net Neutrality Rules

In spectacularly bureaucratic fashion, the FCC just voted to start the formal consideration of its horrible net neutrality rules. That means the floor is now open for public comment, and the future of the internet is at stake. In fact, it's up to you. "But how do I comment?" you ask, "How do I politely but firmly express my rage as a member of the public?" Let us show you the way.