Greatest Wedding Photo In the History of the World

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The Lowders were trying to take their bridal party pictures, when a most unexpected guest popped into the photo frame. But their terror is our gain, and it has resulted in what is clearly the greatest wedding photo of all time. Update: We talked to the photographer!


The photo was taken by J. Quinn Miller in Baton Rouge, LA. Dear everyone else on the planet: Top that.

Update: We managed to reach Miller on the phone, and he told us that he'd been friends with the groom for a long time, and he knew the groom "loves dinosaurs." And a few days before the Lowders' wedding, he saw a similar shot of a dinosaur photobombing a wedding and "loved the concept" — but he felt he could do a better job with the photoshopping. And he felt it was "something I hadn't seen done a lot." So "I put it to the groom, and he thought it would be a fun thing to do."

When the day came, they didn't have a lot of time to take photos, but they did one try of having all the guests run towards the camera, figuring "If it works, it works." Says Miller, "We got them to run at the camera, and I got a stock image of a dinosaur and put it in." He was lucky to get one perfect shot of the wedding party, and the result is what you see above. Easily the best nuptial dinosaur we've seen since that guy hid a raptor in his wedding announcements.

Photograph by Quinn Miller Photo + Design.

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