Guy Films Space Shuttle Launch from Passing Airliner

Click to viewWatching a space shuttle launch from the ground is undoubtedly very awe inspiring, but this video of a launch takes the biscuit: It's filmed from thousands of feet in the air. A lucky guy managed to film a shuttle rocketing off the ground (possibly STS-124) from inside a passing Air Canada airliner. It's less fire, smoke and thunder than a sea-level view, more "Holy crap, look how fast it goes!" Check it out... you may be as amazed as it sounds like he was. [PointNiner]


@fastm3driver: that would be during landing, which requires a lot more horizontal airspace. during takeoff it's kind of all or nothing. you either make it to space or you explode. during landing there are abort paths if things start to go haywire after you enter the atmosphere. and since you're coming in at some ridiculous speed (18000 miles an hour or something equally crazy), your main and alternate approach paths are about a quarter of a world long, hence fiji was grounded.