Here’s a new TV spot, largely containing footage from the first teaser. [Coming Soon]

Doctor Who

The Game and Being Human writer Sarah Dollard will script the tenth episode of season 9. The episode will also see the return of Jovian Wade as his character Rigsy, from last year’s “Flatline”. As the official BBC site says, “As a companion to ‘Doctor’ Oswald, Rigsy demonstrated many of the attributes that have helped make the real Doctor’s companions so indispensable.”


Dollard is the second female writer to write for Who this year along with Catherine Tregenna, after half a dozen years with no women writing for the show. [BBC]

The Flash

Robbie Amell teases what’s to come:

All of those [Legends Of Tomorrow] questions will be answered shortly, but I can’t actually tell you anything about it. What I can tell you is I’m going back to shoot more episodes of The Flash in July.

I haven’t gotten any scripts yet, but it picks up immediately where the finale left off, because it was such a big cliffhanger... The nice thing about the finale was getting to actually play Ronnie. You saw Ronnie in my first episode, and then I was this schizophrenic, frightened man, and then I was trying to figure things out with my other half, and I finally got to kind of play Ronnie in the finale. I was enjoying that character. I’d like to play more with that, and the relationship with Danielle Panabaker’s character Caitlin, but I always have so much fun shooting with Victor, so anything else Victor and I can shoot together would be great.


[Comic Book Movie]


Rob Thomas teases what will happen to Major in season 2:

He has now killed a bunch of people. It has changed him. We wanted to paint him as a good a guy as you could ever want to meet, like the perfect guy. Lovely, sweet, charming, funny. And then just put him through a ringer and see who came out on the other side. I do think it has affected him. He is less innocent, and he probably has a darker view of the world. As we pick up Season 2, he is reeling.


[TV Line]


The supernatural show about guardian angels who decide to intervene in people’s lives directly is being reworked by NBC, after they chose not to pick up the series. A new writer is being brought in to rewrite the script, but several cast members from the pilot are being pursued to continue their roles. [Deadline]



Dominique Pinon will play Master Raymond, a “healer with a great deal of knowledge regarding secret matters, both political and occult”. [TV Line]


Diana Gabaldon has also announced that child actor Romann Berrux has been cast as Fergus.

Fear The Walking Dead

Colman Domingo has been cast in an undisclosed recurring role. [Deadline]

Heroes Reborn

Some news on returning and non-returning actors for the series — Cristine Rose will will return as Petrelli matriarch Angela according to E! Online, while EW reports that Adrian Pasdar will not returning.



Here’s a new promo poster for the series. [Spoiler TV]


The X-Files

Here’s a first official look at David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson filming on set:


Wayward Pines

Finally, Megan begins her students’ orientation in this clip from “The Truth”.

Additional reporting by Abhimanyu Das and Charlie Jane Anders. Top image: Doctor Who.