Hear Dr. Dre's New Album Debut on Apple Music Thursday at 6PM PST

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We knew that something really good would eventually come from this Beats-Apple deal. Last month Dr. Dre finally put The Chronic online for streaming for the first time ever at Apple Music. Now Apple Music will be streaming the world premiere of his new album, Compton: A Soundtrack, this Thursday at 6pm PST, a day before the official release.


This is a big deal as it will likely get tons of people to sign up for Apple Music if they were on the fence before. Prepare to see a lot more of these exclusive debuts as a way to get people to choose one music service over another. Dre is part owner of Apple Music so it makes perfect sense that he’d use his album release to hype the service.


Rolling Stone has the tracklist and a few other details about the long-awaited album, which Dre calls his “grand finale.” The album is a companion to the NWA film Straight Outta Compton which comes out August 14.


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