Hear Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's cameo in Good Omens' Radio Drama

The first ever dramatisation of Good Omens is coming to BBC Radio 4 next month - and the BBC have finally lifted the lid on when you'll be able listen to it, as well as a brief teaser starring the two writers themselves.

The BBC will run the six-part adaptation over the Christmas week, kicking off with a two parter on Monday, December 22nd at 11pm on BBC Radio 4, culminating in an hour long finalé the Saturday after that, the 27th. Just what you want for Christmas!


If you're excited to hear more of Gaiman and Pratchett's cult classic, then there's this brief teaser featuring Peter Serafinowicz's Crowley trying to evade two pursuing Police officers - played by none other than the two writers themselves:

Oh yes please. Why isn't it Christmas yet?

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