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Probably the most cleverly designed of the iPhone photography apps, and certainly among the most loved, Hipstamatic's recent upgrade brings all sorts of good stuff.


In addition to getting iPhone 4 optimization and background uploading, there is a new stacks feature for organizing photos and batch upload to Facebook, Flickr or email. And a handful of helpful bug fixes rounds out a solid update through and through.



From the app developers: Digital photography never looked so analog. The Hipstamatic brings back the look, feel, unpredictable beauty, and fun of plastic toy cameras of the past! The Hipstamatic keeps the the quirks of shooting old school but gives you the ability to swap lenses, film, and flash settings all with the swipe of a finger.Characterized by vignettes, blurring, over saturation, discolored images, Hipstaprints have a casual and seemingly accidental snapshot feel. The Hipstamatic can be downloaded to any iPhone sporting the 3.1 or beyond software update. For $1.99 you can download the base model Hipstamatic 150 which includes the John S, Jimmy, and Kaimal Lenses, as well as Blanko, Ina's 1969, and Kodot Verichrome film and two standard flashes complete with humming sound. Additional lenses, films, and flashes are bundled within the app as 'Hipstapaks' and start at 99 cents. Each Hipstapak includes multiple items. Pictures taken with the Hipstamatic have their very own look and unique character. Artistic and painted with light and quirk, Hipstamatic images are sometimes surprising and offer a delicate beauty turning any iPhone into an instant art making machine. Images can be uploaded directly to Facebook, Flickr, or emailed to your friends and family.


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