Hitachi to Release Terabyte Hard Drive This Year

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Start your BitTorrent engines, boys and girls, for Hitachi is planning to release a one-terabyte hard drive by the end of the year. The hard drives will be of the standard 3.5-inch size and will make their way into PCs and home servers. One terabyte of storage is plenty, methinks, but since high definition video takes up an awful lot of space, having a terabyte (or two) of space available will become more and more necessary.


Company reps haven't even so much as hazarded a guess as to how much this sepulcher will cost.

Terabyte drive to debut later this year [C|Net via CrunchGear]


Why is the guy in the picture holding up a 2.5" laptop drive in an announcement for a new, humongous 3.5" drive?