Have Your Own Night at the Museum With Fully Posable Dino Skeletons

If you've stared in awe and jealousy at your local museum's collection of dinosaur fossils, a Japanese toy company called Re-Ment wants you to finally be able to have your own. And with its new line of highly-articulated plastic dinosaur skeletons, you can even play museum curator and pose your prehistoric figures however you want.


All of the most popular dinosaurs are available in the new series, from T-rex, to the stegosaurus, to even the towering brachiosaurus. And they each feature 11 to 14 points of articulation so you can pose your thunder lizards like they're quietly munching on vegetation, or battling each other to the death.

When available come July you'll be able to find them on store shelves—in Japan at least—for about $11 to $17. But importing them to another country will certainly cost you extra. So if you plan to set them up around your desk at work, just make sure to charge your co-workers admission to come see them. The figures will pay for themselves in no time. [Re-Ment via Toy People]


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