Hollywood readies yet another Philip K. Dick adaptation, "Now Wait For Last Year"

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Prepare for the mighty future battle between the Starmen and the Reegs! Another production company has gobbled up the rights to yet another Philip K. Dick book. By our count, that makes it about eight PKD films currently in development.

In this story, the good people of future Earth have decided to align themselves with the alien species known as the Starmen in a war against another alien race titled the Reegs. Variety reports that Lila 9th & Electric Shepherd Productions have optioned the rights to adapt the novel with producers Barrie M. Osborne (Lord of the Rings), Cameron Lamb, and PKD's daughter, Isa Dick Hackett (who is currently working with Michel Gondry on the adaptation Ubik among many, many others).


Only one question remains: what sort of fabulous hats will they be adding to this adaptation? We hope it's magical berets. In all seriousness, it's high time for a serious PKD adaptation, but is this the right novel for Hollywood? Here's bit more detailed run-down of the novel from Amazon:

Earth is trapped in the crossfire of an unwinnable war between two alien civilizations. Its leader is perpetually on the verge of death. And on top of it all, a new drug has just entered circulation a drug that whips its users back and forth across time.

In an attempt to escape his doomed marriage, Dr. Eric Sweetscent is caught up in all of it. But he has questions: is Earth on the right side of the war? Is he supposed to heal Earths leader or keep him sick? And can he change the harrowing future that the drug has shown him? Now Wait For Last Year plays with all of these questions in a way that only Philip K. Dick can.