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Holy Crap It's Edible Instagram For Chocolate

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There are certain things we like at Gizmodo HQ. Instagram is one. Chocolate is another. Oh, if only they could somehow be combined without getting goo in your phone. Oh, wait, they can! Meet Cocoagraph. Vintage-style photos, printed on delicious chocolate squares. Yes, please?


Cocoagraph is a Philadelphia-based confectionary with a rather unique twist: you send them your images, and they print them onto chocolate for you. You can choose to have it printed on milk, white, dark or organic dark chocolate. For the image you can use pretty much whatever you want, though they specifically mention that Instagram shots work well. There are a number of borders and styles to choose from, and you can add custom messages if you want. Like a printing studio, they'll send you a proof before they run your order, and voila, edible chocolate memories. You can even add dried strawberries to the mix.


For $8.50 you get a 50 gram square of chocolate, or for $12 you get three, smaller, "bite-sized" images. We haven't laid our bare eyes (or mouths) on these things yet, but if they both look and taste good, these things will sell like crazy. I've always wanted to eat an Ansel Adams... [Cocoagraph via Design Taxi via Neatorama via Laughing Squid]