Holy Crap, This Octopus is Taking Pictures of Its Visitors

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Octopuses are known to be very intelligent creatures, but one octopus in New Zealand is outclassing all of her peers by taking photographs of her aquarium visitors. World, meet Rambo, the very first trained octopus photographer, or octographer, as we now say.

Rambo’s newfound skills are the result of a partnership between Sony and the Sea Life Aquarium in Auckland. A Sony TX30 compact camera is attached to the outside of her tank, and Rambo was trained to press the camera’s red shutter button when visitors stand in front of a special backdrop. Um, awesome.


The possibilities this raises are mind boggling. Octographers that help marine researchers by snapping undersea photos for us? Octopuses trained to conduct covert marine surveillance? Maybe I’m getting a bit carried away here, but...who knows! Between their killer camouflage, intelligence, and newly demonstrated photography abilities, cephalopods are shaping up to be damn good spies. [PetaPixel]


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Tippi Gordon

Does the octopus look at the photographs? Is there any notion that the correlates pressing the button with capturing the image of what it observes? If so, then yes, this is a remarkable thing. If not, it’s no more impressive than the chicken at the county fair that always beat me at tic-tac-toe.