How close are we to infinite Time Lord regenerations?

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Has Steven Moffat already solved the problem of Doctor Who's limited regenerations? Could Matt Smith guest star on Arrow? Plus the showrunner explains how The Walking Dead will incorporate events from the comics. Syfy's Helix adds a familiar face to its cast and, on Person of Interest, the Machine has a plan. Spoilers ahead!


Thor: The Dark World

Here are two new promos and two new posters. [Coming Soon]

Illustration for article titled How close are we to infinite Time Lord regenerations?
Illustration for article titled How close are we to infinite Time Lord regenerations?

Doctor Who

We all know that the Doctor is getting close to the limit of 12 regenerations (or 13 bodies) established back in 1976's "The Deadly Assassin" — and we all know the show won't let it end there, as long as there are eager viewers. So it's no surprise that past Doctor Peter Davison says head writer Steven Moffat is already working on a fix for this problem:

I know people are worried about it, but I think there will be a way around that rule. I know that Steven has put in the groundwork already in an episode so that there can be more.

Let's just hope it's a good explanation. [Scottish Daily Express]


If you needed more proof that Arrow was a show made by geeks, for geeks, we now have star Stephen Amell describing Exec Producer Andrew Kreisberg's dream guest star:

Andrew [Kreisberg] is such a Whovian, so if you were to say to him right now, ‘Number one guest star actor/actress, who would it be?’ Clearly it would be Matt Smith. I can tell you that if there was even the faintest chance that he is available, he would be hired immediately. They would probably hire him to take my job, they love Doctor Who so much.


We'll just sit around waiting for that announcement, then. [Sci Fi Now]

And here are video interviews with two pairs: David Ramsay with Katie Cassidy in the first and Emily Bett Rickards with Colton Haynes in the second. [Buddy TV]

Agents of SHIELD

An interview with Elizabeth Henstridge has her putting the brakes on any romantic relationship between Fitz and Simmons:

My mom told me when I was super young, "If boys hate you, it means they like you, don't worry." Maybe. There's always going to be a possibility, I guess, because they're so close and really understand each other, but definitely for right now, I don't think you could convince either one of them that they are meant to be together romantically. We'll just see. We're told fairly little. I love that because it just means you're in the same headspace as your character when you're playing them and you're not trying to hint at anything else that comes down the line. I love that they are brother-sister right now. If anything romantic happens, I could see it happening, but I like that, for Simmons, it's not really her main priority. I don't think she even knows that could be a good idea.


She also talks about what we can expect to see from her character going forward:

Will Fitz and Simmons get a chance to shine individually?
Yeah, definitely. That's interesting because then you see that they've never been without each other. When you see them without each other, that brings a whole new dynamic just to them as characters in discovering what it's like to have to be independent because this whole S.H.I.E.L.D. team has come together and everybody is on their own apart from Fitz-Simmons. We will get to see that and it's quite funny.

Simmons is so young. Are we going to learn anything about the family she's left behind?
Henstridge: Yeah, you definitely learn as the episodes go on. There's so much to explore in each other of the characters and their relationships and story arcs and each week's mission, so we're just very excited that there's so much material to dive into. It's nice to get asked questions like that because I feel like it means the characters are well-rounded enough for people to care where they come from and question how they got here and why aren't they living near their families, and stuff like that.


Lots more at the link. [TV Guide]

The Walking Dead

Showrunner Scott M. Gimple says that he sees the show, and this season in particular, as a "remix" of the comics:

Does that mean we’re going to see a lot of stuff from the comic book in season 4?
You know that the show and the comic book are in very different places, so in some ways we can’t do exactly what was in the comic book in many ways. But the way I look upon it is that it’s sort of like a remix of the comic books. So absolutely, we’re going to see all sorts of things from the comic book. Some of the things will be very direct as we move forward. A lot of things will just be kind of the same content but in different contexts — different characters doing some of the things we saw in the comic books, situations from the comic book, but sort of in different locations, involving different people. I think comic fans will be able to pick out like, “Oh damn, they did that in a whole different way, but it is that moment. It’s undoubtedly that moment.”

Let’s talk about some of the specifics of season 4. I was shocked when I was on set and saw the new look of the prison with the vegetable garden and the makeshift barn and horse and all this stuff. What’s going on here? It looks like this group is building a little mini society in the prison.
Very much so. They’ve obviously reached a certain stability in the prison. Rick’s decision to allow people in has had benefits. And that was one of his major journeys last season, was just letting people in.

In the comic book there’s a difference between a group of zombies and a full-blown herd. There have always been more zombies than humans. Is that something we’re going to see more of this season?
I will say an emphatic “yes.” It will be very, very noticeable in the first few episodes. I don’t want to sell that the population density of walkers in the world is, like, insane — like you can’t walk through the forest without experiencing tons and tons and tons of zombies. The flip side is, we will see some herding. We will see some very arresting examples of how zombies own the world now.


Tons more at the link. [Entertainment Weekly]

And Lauren Cohan teases what this season has in store for Glenn and Maggie:

I think it was really beautiful,They went through the very real possibility of losing each other in the most horrific circumstances… [and now] they feel like they have given their bonds to each other.

Whether there is a wedding or not, we will see. It’s going to be really interesting to see if something that’s sacred is safer [in Glenn and Maggie’s post-zombpocalypic world] or if it’s more dangerous because of how much they mean to each other.

They’ve put away all of the upset from Season 3, but they still kind of come at things from different sides of the same coin. Maggie feels this semblance of security [in the group’s new normal], and she wants to settle in and enjoy it. [On the other hand] Glenn’s still very wary. So they balance each other out.


[TV Line]

And here are five new teasers:


Syfy and Ronald D. Moore's show about a CDC team investigating a disease outbreak that threatens humankind has just added Jeri Ryan to the cast. The official press release describes Ryan's character:

Ryan will portray the beautiful and charismatic Constance Sutton, the Chief Operating Officer of Ilaria Corporation, owner of Arctic Biosystems, the research facility where the series takes place. Charming and savvy, Sutton is used to getting her way at any cost.


The Originals

The basic plot of the spinoff is Marcel's plans to get control of New Orleans' French Quarter and deal with the return of members of the powerful Originals. Charles Michael Davis says that fans shouldn't be looking at whether there's danger in the pilot, but why there's danger:

The episode description uses the word “dangerous” a lot. What should fans expect in terms of that dangerous element?
You’re going to know more of the back story, not just that it is dangerous but why it’s dangerous. I think it’s kind of like walking in on somebody and they’re watching a sporting event. They’re watching a game and they’re really intense about it, and you’re like, “Why is it such a big event?” And then they tell you it’s the final game of the world cup, and the two teams are battling it out, and they give you the story, and then you’re like “Oh,” and you become even more hooked and invested, and [you] like certain players on certain teams. This will give you the back story and make you understand why the stakes are so high.

So is there something about Marcel in this episode or in general – whether it’s a relationship with a specific character or just a side of him – you’re most excited for fans to see?
Oh yeah! In the pilot it’s pretty much all me and Klaus except for a short scene with Cami, and we also cut the part with Davina, and so that was the other thing I was really excited about was it’s a much different side with Davina’s character. I think you get to see a different side of Marcel, more caring and it’s a different role than he has of course with his inner circle and with Klaus. That’s the one that I was really really excited about and the one that we got into really early in the show, so I feel like with each episode, you get different dimensions. So it’s not so procedural – it’s not so plug and play – for me I’m getting to know Marcel through the different relationships that he has. And then there’s a few surprises, I believe in episode four there’s a character that gets introduced and it adds a whole other dynamic and a different side that you get to see for Marcel’s character, and I was really happy working with that actor and was really looking forward to doing more scenes with him or her.


More at the link. [Entertainment Weekly]

American Horror Story: Coven

Here's the synopsis for episode 5, "Burn, Witch, Burn!":

Besieged by Marie Laveau’s army, Zoe unleashes a new power. Fiona and Myrtle clash over control of the Coven. Madame LaLaurie is confronted by old ghosts.


[Spoiler TV]

Here's a new behind-the-scenes video:

Being Human

SyFy has screened a rough cut of the first eight minutes of the premiere, and here's what's been gleaned from those eight minutes: the premiere takes place three months after the finale, Sally and Donna are at the Spa but "there's a twist", Aiden and Nora are spending a lot of time together, and Josh "hasn't been himself lately." Did those three months have the events that caused the changes with the characters? And if so, are we going to see them in flashbacks throughout the season or pretty close to the start? [Spoiler TV]


Person of Interest

Executive producers Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman say that the whole arc of the season is the Machine's plan. They said that we'll learn at least one aspect of the plan by the end of this season, which also seems to imply that we won't learn the whole plan yet. Also, they teased that, as smart as the Machine is, the plan could go wrong. Also, we're going to get episodes featuring Fusco and Shaw's backstory. This season's major conflicts are going to be the 1) difference between Root's relationship to the Machine and Finch's and 2) if Vigilance will find out about the Machine and what they will do if (once?), they do. [TV Line]


Teen Wolf

Ryan Kelly will play the new Deputy, Perish. He'll start out as investigating supernatural mysteries before becoming a part of one. [Deadline]


Beauty and the Beast

Here's the trailer for next week's episode "Kidnapped":

Lots more at the link. [TV Guide]


Here's the synopsis for episode 1.02, "A Whiff of Sulfur":

Grayson and Lady Jayne become lovers as he looks into her connections; Grayson helps Mina face a challenge; Jonathan strikes a bargain that has unexpected consequences.


[Spoiler TV]

The Tomorrow People

Here's a video interview with Robbie Amell. [K Site TV]


Episode 2.06 will be called "Dead Man Walking." [Spoiler TV]


Here's the synopsis for 3.02, “PTZD":

The hunt for a manic Nick escalates; Captain Renard deals with zombie fallout on domestic and international fronts; Adalind and Stefania spend more time together.


[Spoiler TV]

Witches of East End

Go here for the full set of promo photos for Sunday's episode. [Spoiler TV]

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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Here's the synopsis for episode three, "Forget Me Not":

In a flashback, viewers are introduced to Will Scarlet, who turns out to be the nifty Knave of Hearts. Will has joined Robin Hood’s Merry Men and convinces them to steal gold from Maleficent’s castle before also pilfering an enchanted looking glass for himself that comes with a hefty consequence. Meanwhile in Wonderland, Cyrus successfully tricks Jafar and the Red Queen into sending a Bandersnatch after Alice who in turn exposes something the White Rabbit has been secretly hiding, on “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland"


[Spoiler TV]

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I'm kind of torn on Agents of Shield. On the one hand, I love the characters and dialogue. On the other... the last two episodes' main plots have failed to really grab my interest. Right now I'm more watching it for the people than the stories they're telling WITH those people, which sounds weird, but it's the best way I can describe it at the moment.