How the New iPod Nano Copied the Nokia Lumia (Or How the Lumia Copied the iPod Nano)

There's a hilarious image floating around the Internet today about how Apple, the flag bearer of "don't you dare steal my design lest you owe me a billi", copied Nokia's Lumia with the iPod Nano. Just take a look at the image above! The iPod Nano on the right has the same rounded edges, same organically slapped on screen and same wacky colors as the Lumia on the left!


CALL THE LAWYERS! Or maybe not. The humorous history goes a little deeper than iPod Nano cribbing Lumia style. Stuart Gibson dug in and revealed something else: the Lumia actually looks like two old iPod nanos stacked together! Take a look:

Do we smell lawsuits coming in every direction or is this going to be good 'ol fun for the two companies? Hopefully, it's the latter. [@StuartGibson]


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