How To Make Gigantic Glowing, Flying Art on the Cheap

Imagine you're walking home from a bar tonight. You look up and there's a bright, glowing, 250 square foot Super Mario flying above you. You'd probably think someone had slipped you something, but no, it's just our friend Mark Rober from NASA having some fun.

You may (should) remember Mark from his iPad Halloween Costume or his awesome Gorilla Cam. Well, he's still cranking out the fun, DIY videos. This one shows us how to make some seriously impressive, attention-grabbing art for about 100 bucks. Not bad at all. And the pranking potential is absolutely unlimited.


It may look complicated, but it's actually very simple. Mark has even created a how-to video so you can do these yourself (warning: you might wanna make sure you're legally allowed to do this where you live; you probably don't want to fly this near a hospital or restricted airspace, for example). How he has time to do this while working at NASA, I do not know, but I'm glad he's using his personal time for our amusement. Check out Mark's YouTube channel and follow him on Twitter.

Thanks, Mark!

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