How to Order at McDonald's Without Killing Your Body

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McDonald's: not a place you should eat if you are trying to be healthy. But if you must eat there, there are definitely some better choices on the menu than others.

Lifehacker put together a great guide showing just what foods aren't so bad and what should be avoided at all costs. The good news is that good ol' Chicken McNuggets aren't so bad, providing 280 calories in a 6 piece box. And a hamburger has only 250 calories if you can stand eating it without cheese.

The bad news? A large Triple Thick Chocolate Shake has 1160 calories, 27 grams of fat, 168 grams of sugar and 510mg of sodium, which is just fucking insane. Seriously, if you want to cut a decade or two off your life, drink one of these every day. And a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese ain't much better.


Hit Lifehacker for the full list and all the details, but here's the one rule I always remember when I'm considering a McDonald's menu: don't eat at McDonald's. [Lifehacker]


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