How To Train Your Dragon 2 Turned Hiccup Into One Hot Piece of CG Ass

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Fox gave us a first look at How To Train Your Dragon 2 at CinemaCon — and the biggest surprise was a brand new look for Hiccup. Suddenly, the skinny Viking boy has become a leather-tricked out hottie who sky dives off his dragon for fun. Minor spoilers...

The first footage from How To Train Your Dragon 2 reunites Toothless and Hiccup — but they're now a whole lot older and a heck of a lot cooler. The whole scene revolves around a Hiccup and Toothless flying through the sky, but just seeing how these two have changed completely changes the feel of the sequel.

For one, Toothless' damaged tail fin has been painted red to mimic the tail sign of an old fighter plane. His gear has been upgraded, but the black little dragon still maintains his adorably puppy/cat like demeanor.


Hiccup is clad head-to-toe in protective flying leathers. In fact, you can't even see his face until the end, when he rips off his leather helmet (how they didn't make this guy do a slomo hair shake is beyond us). His leg is still gone (an unfortunate injury from the first movie) but it's been replaced with an inventive prosthetic that we're sure Hiccup created himself. Toothless and his buddy race to the sky and then Hiccup jumps off his back, skydiving as a pair towards the ground. But when the ocean appears below the clouds, Hiccup spreads out his arms and reveals leather wings (like a flying squirrel). Together the two fly across the waves. It's completely rad and ridiculous. Hiccup the Teen Dream for Viking Prom King.