If you're not an avid gardener it's hard to stay on top of keeping indoor plants like herbs and spices watered and cared for. So consider this Urban Cultivator like a personal gardener. It's designed blend in with your other kitchen appliances, but it keeps a small herb garden alive and well all year long.

Even if you're constantly buying herbs at the grocery store for cooking, with a price tag that starts at $2,200 it will be a long time before the Urban Cultivator pays for itself. But there's nothing quite like fresh chives or rosemary straight from the plant to spice up a dish. And while you won't be growing full-on vegetables in this garden, there's still a wide variety of other edible plant life that will flourish under its artificial lighting. All you need to do is feed it some organic plant food once a week, and the dishwasher-sized appliance takes care of everything else. Now if only they sold one for taking care of children.


[Urban Cultivator via The Awesomer]

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