You know those faux-retro plastic cameras you see at stores like Urban Outfitters? The ones skinny people in skinny jeans use to take pictures of themselves dancing, or looking very serious, but not really? This is that, as a projector.

The HypnosEye throws up a few red flags right out of the gates: Instead of connecting to your iPod or iPhone's dock connector of video-out, it simply magnifies your screen, like your math teacher's old overhead projector. This means it'll project almost anything portable with a screen, which is fantastic! This also means that, since the only light source is the backlight on your device's screen—this thing isn't even powered—the image quality shown above is probably pretty close to accurate. Charming incapability: in!


The HypnosEye can be imported for about $80, which isn't a terrible deal, assuming you'll be doing most of your projecting in perfect blackness. Stuck inside a white-satin-lined coffin, buried unusually deep, at night? Get the HypnosEye! Happen to be on the dark side of the moon during at the beginning of its cycle, in a tent, with a projector screen handy? Get the HypnosEye! Etc. [Technabob]